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About Us

Hello, Our names are Megan and Greg and we are the proud owners of Verdant Paper Company! We have always found inspiration in nature and growing things whether that be through gardening, hiking, or agriculture. Our biggest hope is to share this brilliance and beauty with you!

Between the inspiration from our beautifully designed world, the environmentally-focused materials we use, and the seed paper in each card for growing flowers, our philosophy is “deeply green.” Thus, the name Verdant. 

Megan is a lifelong plant enthusiast, growing up with dirt under her fingernails and green on her thumb. This enjoyment of all things green led Megan to pursue Environmental Stewardship through college, and to create her own flower farm - growing her own flowers and creating the bouquets in which her repeat subscribers requested. 

As the youngest of three sons of a hog/grain farmer and carpenter - soil stewardship and woodworking have become instrumental in how Greg was molded as a youth. Even though the hogs have been sold, we both remain involved in the grain farm during labor demanding times so please be patient and understanding with us during the harvest season.

Verdant began as a Covid passion project in 2020 by an exceptionally wholesome couple from Ontario. Lisa and James, the founders of Verdant, are incredibly passionate about the volunteer work that they dedicate so much of their time towards. Their generous lifestyle had typically been balanced with part time work. When the pandemic struck, they found themselves with little opportunity for work but no lack of ambition. Thus, Verdant was born! Lisa had always loved to draw and paint but never had the chance to do it professionally. Their talent and drive gave Verdant an undeniable recipe for success!

In 2022, Lisa was recalled to her job and James found a niche in their new hometown in Alberta and developed a successful business. After making the big move from Ontario to Alberta, they increased their share of involvement in their volunteer work, making them busy as ever. They were faced with the difficult decision to part ways with their labour of love, Verdant Paper Co.

Being a follower and customer of Verdant, Megan saw their social media post regarding their decision to sell the business. We did not hesitate to get in touch with them and inquire about their business. The decision took minimal thought as we were both so excited and passionate about the values that Verdant was built upon. Lisa and James have been the most gracious people we could have asked to deal with through such a transaction, going above and beyond in helping us understand their processes and showing us every ingredient and step involved in the Verdant recipe. We are extremely grateful to have gained new friends whilst having the opportunity to continue the legacy that is Verdant Paper Co.

We intend on continuing to share Lisa’s beautiful illustrations as well as some of Megan’s photography and our own hand drawn illustrations in time. All of our products are printed from our home studio in Alberta.

Sending and giving cards never goes out of style and we hope that you find our collection of hand drawn cards and art prints to be the perfect addition to any occasion.  We would love to be your card supplier for any of life's big moments and every small joy in between. We truly can’t wait to get Verdant Paper Co. products in to your hands!

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