About Us

james and lisa verdant about us


Welcome! We are James and Lisa, and we're the founders of Verdant Paper Company.

Ever since we were married in 2013, we’ve enjoyed sharing our love of adventure, road trips, and the outdoors together. Our highlight was driving our tiny hatchback across the continent to Vancouver Island and back. From the badlands of South Dakota, the geysers of Yellowstone, the Rocky Mountains of Montana and the coasts of Oregon and British Columbia, we saw a lot!


verdant paper company roadtrip adventures


When it comes to work, we mostly took whatever part-time jobs were available to us while balancing our volunteer work. However, work for both of us came to a halt in March after COVID made its way to North America. As we began to figure out our next steps, the idea for Verdant began.

Lisa had always loved to draw and paint, but never had the chance to do it professionally. But the current world situation had unexpectedly given her the opportunity to give it a try. Since she always loved making greeting cards and gifts for family and friends, we decided to offer cards and art prints to others.


Early drafts of our company logo.

Between the inspiration from our beautifully designed world, the environmentally-focused materials we use, and the seed paper in each card for growing flowers, our philosophy is “deeply green.” Thus, we decided on the name Verdant.

We truly hope our greeting cards and art prints bring joy to you and your loved ones!