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How eco-friendly are Verdant products?

Not only are our cards and envelopes made of 100% post-consumer waste, the paper is also FSC (Forest Service Certification) certified, Rainforest Alliance Certified, and processed chlorine free, meaning no harmful chemicals or by-products. This also includes all our shipping materials as well.

When stocking our cards in stores, we use a biodegradable glassine band to hold the card and envelope together.

Our cards are printed ourselves in our home studio in Ontario, meaning no waste and extremely low energy usage. The result is a product that is fully recycled and recyclable, with a bare minimum impact on our planet!


Does recycled paper make a big difference?

Absolutely! For one thing, when you choose a product made with recycled paper, you save 100% of the trees vs a product made with virgin paper. But the environmental benefits continue. The process to make recycled paper is much more efficient. In fact, it uses 53% less water, and 40% less energy


Are all recycled papers the same?

No. There are many papers that are marketed as recycled, but it's important to look at the fine print. Many of these "recycled" papers only include 30%, or sometimes as little as 10% recycled material. We only use 100% recycled materials.


Where do you have your cards printed?

Initially we had our cards printed by a company with a focus on sustainable processes located in BC. However we have now switched to printing the cards ourselves right here in Ontario! This makes our cards even more sustainable, since we are able to print the cards to order, meaning even less waste or emissions.


Are you plastic-free?

We are 99% plastic-free! In rare cases, we may need to use traditional plastic sleeves in some stores in order to protect our art prints from damage or dirt. However, the sleeves we do use in these cases is 100% recyclable.


Why not use compostable plastic?

The thing about so-called "compostable eco-plastics" is that they aren't quite as advertised. Many studies have shown that they do not break down any quicker than regular plastic. They only degrade in large industrial compost facilities, where they subject the plastics to high temperatures for 30 days! On top of that, they can't be recycled, yet many unknowingly throw it in the blue bin, where it usually ends up in a landfill.


Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes we do! Whether you would like to sell Verdant cards in your store, or have a special event coming up, we can workout special pricing for bulk orders. To request a quote, reach out to