Q&A With Verdant

Does recycled paper make a big difference?

Absolutely! For one thing, when you choose a product made with recycled paper, you save 100% of the trees vs a product made with virgin paper. But the environmental benefits continue. The process to make recycled paper is much more efficient. In fact, it uses 53% less water, and 40% less energy


Are all recycled papers the same?

No. There are many papers that are marketed as recycled, but it's important to look at the fine print. Many of these "recycled" papers only include 30%, or sometimes as little as 10% recycled material. 

How eco-friendly is Verdant's paper?

We are happy to use the most environmentally friendly paper in North America! 

We use Rolland Enviro paper for our greeting cards. Not only is it made of 100% post-consumer waste, it is also FSC (Forest Service Certification) certified, Rainforest Alliance Certified, and processed chlorine free, meaning no harmful chemicals or by-products. It is also Ancient Forest Friendly certified, one of the most rigorous certifications in the industry.

On top of all this, Rolland uses biogas power to create their paper. In short, they take the greenhouse gases created from a landfill, and pipe it into their facilities, using it as fuel for their operations. About as eco-friendly as it gets!

My seed paper came in a little plastic baggy. Is it compostable?

No, however it is partly made of recycled materials, and it is recyclable itself. Which is one of the reasons we didn't go with "compostable" plant-derived plastic, since these can't be recycled.

Why not use compostable plastic?

The thing about so-called "compostable eco-plastics" is that they aren't much of either. Many studies have shown that they do not break down any quicker than regular plastic. They only degrade in large industrial compost facilities, where they subject the plastics to extremely high temperatures for 30 days! This emits sizable amounts of greenhouses gases. And although they can't be recycled, many unknowingly throw it in the blue bin, where it usually ends up in a landfill.

Will you be going completely plastic-free?

The short answer is yes, and we're hoping that will be very soon. We're currently testing different packaging options that will not only look and feel good, but will be more environmentally conscious. However, we do use as little plastic as possible.

In the meantime, please be sure to recycle!