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Verdant Santa Eco-Friendly Greeting Card

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If there ever was a Santa Claus to represent Verdant, it would be a gnome Santa Claus with a leafy green beard! Verdant Santa gives gifts to all of the forest creatures big and small, spreading Christmas cheer to all of the natural world! Verdant Santa's busy season is very short, spending 24 sleepless hours delivering the gifts and sweet treats that the Verdant elves spend their year creating and growing.

In the remainder of the year, Santa spends his time on the neighboring farms and volunteering around the north pole village, giving a helping hand wherever he can. Santa's evenings often include sampling the village's various goodies while snuggling up to Verdant Mrs. Claus in front of the fire.

Choose between 100% premium recycled card stock, or plantable seed paper. A card that grows wildflowers!

  • 4.25" x 5.5" (A2) card
  • Kraft envelope made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper
  • Blank inside - write your very own unique message

Illustration by Megan

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